BaByliss 10 in 1 Titanium Face & Body Grooming Kit

I’ve been planning to change my clippers for some time now and noticed a BaByliss grooming kit that was reduced from £30 to £20 on Amazon – the “BaByliss for men 10 in 1 Titanium Groomer”. At that price I had to make the purchase!

Babyliss for Men 10 in 1 Titanium Groomer

The male grooming market is absolutely flooded with clippers, trimmers and shaving kits and so it’s often difficult to really know what the real differences are between each product. Personally I’ve never been someone to spend a lot of money on something which achieves exactly the same result for a lot less so the lower price point of £20 certainly didn’t put me off despite being positioned alongside several similar products price around the £50 mark.

So how do BaByliss describe the trimmer:

The BaByliss For Men 10-in-1 Titanium Grooming System is a professional grade, rechargeable trimmer with titanium blade technology and 5 interchangeable cutting heads for all over trimming and grooming. Two 5-position comb guides offer a variety of cutting lengths (3-15mm) and the taper control provides super fine cut adjustment (0.5-1.5mm), whilst the turbo boost offers increased power at the touch of a button.

Out of the box, there are certainly a lot of individual parts to the kit providing a wide range of options for both facial hair, head hair and body hair trimming:

Babyliss for Men 10 in 1 Titanium Groomer

What I like about the clippers is that the unit itself is quite small and light so it is really easy to use. With so many adjustable height settings on both the clippers themselves and the attachments you have all of the options you need. The clippers create a really good finish and are powerful enough to cut without any snags – exactly what you’re looking for from one of these units.

One extra setting that the clippers offer is a turbo button which accelerates the speed of the cutting blades. This can be really useful for denser hair so it a great feature if you’re a more hairy guy!

I also noticed that a full charge provides around 30 minutes of use so you won’t be needing to recharge the unit too often which is great.

Where to purchase?

If you like the look of these clippers you can pick them up on Amazon for £20.

If these clippers aren’t your thing you can also head over to where you can read up about other body hair trimming kits.

Overall I’m pretty happy with the clippers. They cut well, are reliable and having picked them up at a steal of £20 they’re an absolute bargain!

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