Visiting the Old Farmers Market in Los Angeles

Whilst in California I decided to go on bus tour with Surf City Tours from where I was staying in Santa Monica across to Hollywood via Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. Along the route there were lots of stopping points however one place of particular note was the Old Farmers Market in LA where we made a stop for lunch.

Dating back to 1880, the Farmers Market is a historic site for L.A. It hasn’t of course always been as it was today as originally it was a field where local farmers would pull up their carts and pay a rent to sell their produce.

The Original Farmers Market Los Angeles

It was only in 1934 that it had a major renovation whereby it now features over 100 vendors ready to serve you just about anything including fast food, burritos, pizzas, pasta, pancakes and fresh fruit and vegetables! You name it, there’s a guy there serving it! What makes the Farmers Market in L.A. so notable is that it’s a permanent installation and so is open all year around unlike others which will only run once per week.

The Original Farmers Market Los Angeles

With so much food available this does of course drive the tourists to it and so if you are planning a visit here, do be prepared for it to be busy, especially if arriving around lunchtime.

Alongside the Farmers Market it’s also worth noting that there is a very large retail development containing all the usual shops so if you’re going to be here for a little while you can grab some food and do a spot of shopping!

If you are planning a trip to Los Angeles this year make sure you take a trip across to The Old Farmers Market for a bite to eat, there’s loads to see here and certainly something for everyone.



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