As a UK lifestyle blogger I write about everyday things that interest me. You’ll find restaurant reviews, product reviews and other content surrounding days out, events and my other random experiences! I am a Milton Keynes blogger so you’ll also find a lot of Milton Keynes blog posts here however I do cover all areas of the UK with plenty of blog posts from London.

Comedy in Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes isn’t a destination you may think of when it comes to comedy however over the past couple of years the MK comedy scene has been rapidly growing with numerous TV celebs making appearances around the city. Personally I absolutely love a good comedy night out with one of my favourite evenings being a few years ago at the […]

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Black Friday 2016

Black Friday is Back!

So here it is again, another Black Friday fire-sale from retailers all jostling to offer the best promotions and deals, at the lowest prices, without ruining margins and making the event unprofitable. Most retailers will do well out of Black Friday however for others who can’t afford to compete it’s likely to lead to a loss of Christmas sales, particularly […]

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