Sonos Play:1 Review

So Christmas just happened and what better opportunity is there for an excuse to upgrade things around your home? In the weeks leading up to Christmas Sarah had said to me that she wanted a wireless speaker so that she could stream music. After a lot of research and consideration around pricing, quality and value for money I settled with buying […]

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Happy Hour Wedding Band

10 Tips for Booking a Wedding Band

Back in September last year I married the love of my life Sarah (you’ll see her feature around my blog a lot!) however in the months leading up to the wedding one of the major things for us to sort out was the evening entertainment. Now I’m not going to lie, beyond writing my groom’s speech there weren’t many jobs […]

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5 New Years Resolutions for 2017

So it’s that time of the year again. Christmas is done, all of the relatives have been put up with, too much food and drink has been consumed and you’re wishing there were more days between now and going back to work in January. Yep, it’s New Years resolution time. 2016 was a great year for me and so looking […]

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Ted Baker Socks for 2017

Every Christmas you can be pretty sure that you’ll receive some socks and if you’re really unlucky a Lynx Africa body spray/shower gel duo from Boots. Luckily for me this year I received the socks but not the latter! Now I know what you’re thinking, it’s just socks. However when it comes to socks I’m usually pretty carefree about what […]

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Christmas Office Desk Igloo

How to Build a Christmas Office Desk Igloo!

Every year at work, our Ecommerce department’s various teams compete in a Christmas desk decorating competition to win not only a hamper, but the kudos of being the reigning champions of the competition for the proceeding 12 months. Every year the competitiveness within the office has been growing however this year, my SEO team took things to the next level, […]

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