Comedy in Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes isn’t a destination you may think of when it comes to comedy however over the past couple of years the MK comedy scene has been rapidly growing with numerous TV celebs making appearances around the city. Personally I absolutely love a good comedy night out with one of my favourite evenings being a few years ago at the […]

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Shenley Wood Milton Keynes

Saturday Afternoon in Shenley Wood, Milton Keynes

Living in Milton Keynes presents a number of challenges and stigma from work colleagues and strangers alike… “it’s just a load of roundabouts”, “it’s not a proper city”, “there’s nothing there” etc. however most of those comments tend to arrive from those that have either merely passed on through on the M1 or are from the born and bred London […]

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Seann Walsh

Seann Walsh at the Milton Keynes International Festival

Last night I headed over to Willen Lake in Milton Keynes for the International Festival. This is a 10 day event put on by internationally renowned music organisation, The Stables, which has been running since 2010 across various locations of Milton Keynes. The organisers describe the event as, “a world-class, multi-arts programme of extraordinary events in unusual places and public […]

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