Arlington Cemetary

Visiting Arlington National Cemetary

Whilst on honeymoon in Washington D.C. Sarah and I decided to visit the world’s most recognised cemetary at Arlington. The cemetary is the final resting place for past American presidents and American war heroes both from wars many years ago and those taking place more recently. When you arrive at Arlington you are met with the usual tourist things – […]

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Lincoln Memorial Washington D.C.

Visiting the Lincoln Memorial

During my recent honeymoon in America I stopped for a couple of nights in Washington D.C. Washington was somewhere I’ve wanted to visit for as long as I can remember so having only 2 nights in the city meant a lot had to be crammed into a short space of time. One of the places that I really wanted to visit […]

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White House

2 Days Visiting Washington DC

The first leg of my honeymoon in America was visiting Washington DC. We chose this for 2 reasons – firstly it’s the capital city of the USA so it felt like a good cultural thing to do and secondly it broke up what would have otherwise been an extremely long flight from Heathrow to Santa Monica on the Pacific coast! […]

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Washington Monument

My Amazing Honeymoon in North America

So having gained the confidence to propose in Italy last summer, we finally got married at the start of September! With the timing of the wedding we were fairly limited with the different locations that we could venture to where it wasn’t hurricane season. We considered going on a “mini-moon” however decided that we wanted to head straight off after […]

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