Bow Bridge Central Park

Visiting Bow Bridge in New York City

Whilst visiting New York City there a number of things that fall under the ‘must visit’ banner as a tourist, one of which being a walk around Central Park. Within the park there’s a load to see and do however a key stopping point is the famous Bow Bridge. Bow Bridge sits over The Lake and has featured in numerous […]

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Venice California

Visiting Venice in California

Last year I headed out to California for my 21 day honeymoon and one of the major stops along the way was staying in Santa Monica. Being just a stones throw away, on one very hot and sunny afternoon we decided to take the boardwalk from Santa Monica Pier down to Venice. From Santa Monica Pier the boardwalk takes you […]

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Brooklyn Bridge

Visiting the Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most iconic locations in New York City and is in fact one of the oldest bridges in the United States. Constructed in 1869 the suspension bridge is nearly 150 years old and took 14 years to build, connecting Brooklyn with Manhatten. Being a focal point of so many films over the years it’s […]

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Pier 39 shops San Francisco

Visiting Pier 39 in San Francisco

Last year I headed to San Francisco for a couple of days whilst on my honeymoon around North America and visited Pier 39. Situated along the coastline, Pier 39 is surrounded by active moorings with ships coming and going on a regular basis for both trade and tourism – a few piers down for example you can jump on a […]

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A Week in Vale do Garrao, Portugal

It’s the end of June, a rare summer heatwave has swept the UK and despite this it was time for my annual villa holiday to somewhere hot in Europe to over indulge in dinners, ice creams, sunshine and cheap local beer. This year I headed to Vale do Garrao on the southern coast of Portugal, a few minutes drive from […]

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Visiting Tavira in the Algarve

When on holiday I find it gets a little boring to just spend a week sun worshipping. To get the most out of a holiday I like to get out and about a little, explore the local area and the try to absorb some of the culture. Staying in Vale do Guerro in the Algarve, there’s plenty to do and […]

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