Cute Cute Death

For the past 2 years I’d been hearing about this band called Cute Cute Death around the office at work. I couldn’t escape it. The reason? My mate Wayne is the drummer.

The band have been going for a few years now and this week embarked on a 5 day “Waking the Neighbours” tour of the UK kicking things off in Manchester followed by London, Stamford, Brentwood and finishing in Birmingham. With that I decided to go check the guys out at the London gig on Thursday night at the Surya.

I’d not been the the Surya before so the venue was new to me. It was pretty intimate but perfectly adequate for a band trying to break through and build their audience.

Support acts

The evening kicked off with support from Such Strange Arts  & A Promise To Forget. If I’m completely honest I didn’t really rate Such Strange Arts. I felt their live performance lacked excitement and they were overplaying to a small audience rather than trying to connect with those in the room.

A Promise To Forget who followed put on a great show however. These guys seemed well rehearsed, guitar solos were tight and the timing and chemistry between the guys was right on point. However as with any of these types of gigs where you see new bands, don’t ask me to name any of their songs post-gig(!)

Check out A Promise To Forget and their latest tune Dark Wings on YouTube here…

Cute Cute Death

Cute Cute Death

As someone who went to the Reading Festival for 9 years in a row and grew up listening to the likes of Korn, Slipknot, Muse and Tool I’m a bit of a rocker at heart. This was therefore an exciting gig for me. I love live rock music and the opportunity to see Wayne expressing his creativity through his drumming rather than being pinned to Photoshop was fantastic. The evening was however a little strange as I went to the gig with several work colleagues who were more suited to attempting the single ladies routine at a Beyonce gig than starting a mosh pit within an intimate venue such as The Surya.

As the band came on stage I knew they were going to put on a great show. They looked well up for it as the headline act and I knew how much effort had been put into the preparation for the night having spoken to Wayne about it previously. These guys really pulled it off. By the end of the night the audience were jumping along, we had created a mosh pit and the band appeared to be completely energised by it all.

Their latest single, Vessels was excellent live, as was their single, Pockets. Check them both out on their YouTube channel.



Overall I thought these guys were fantastic with the lead singer and drumming really standing out for me as the most notable parts of the band. I’ve got to be honest, if I didn’t know Wayne and I heard these guys on the radio I would probably buy their single.

If you like your rock heavy, check these guys out.

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