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Last year I finally made the decision that I would propose to my girlfriend of 9 years, Sarah. Like any guy who has proposed will tell you it’s possibly the most stressful yet exciting experience of your life so far, especially when it comes to buying an engagement ring!

The Company

Diamonds Factory Website

Location in Hatten Garden

Diamonds Factory only have a website which they trade from and don’t therefore have a shop window/store front to browse. Despite that they are located in the diamond distract in London – Hatten Garden – on the 2nd floor above the main high street of diamond dealers. The place is dead easy to get to also, being less than a 5 minute walk from Farringdon Station.


The concerns that I had about Diamonds Factory were shared by numerous other people on online forums. These related to both how the pricing can be so cheap, to them not having a shop. With these factors combined one of the first things I did on arrival was ask to learn more about the company history to ease my concerns. The answers couldn’t have been more reassuring.

The business is owned by a company called Neves Jewels with Diamonds Factory being a trading name. They have also been trading diamonds for over 20 years. When I asked about the premises etc. I was told that they opted for a Hatten Garden location due to the prestige it brings. They therefore have a serviced office. In addition I was told they don’t have a shop front as quite simply it’s incredibly rare for any to become available for rent – when they do come up for rent it becomes a huge bidding war which they have lost out on several times in the past.

With regard to my concerns around pricing these were allayed after a detailed explanation of the business setup. They can offer huge savings compared to traditional high street retailers because they don’t have a lot of property to maintain, they cut out the middle man with diamond traders and they focus on volume sales at low profit margins rather than large profit like Tiffany & Co. and De Beers.

Engagement Ring Consultation

When I went into Diamonds Factory I didn’t really know very much about diamonds so it was great that the team were so helpful. They outlined how diamonds are sourced and the “4Cs” that need to be considered when purchasing (Clarity, Carat, Colour and Cut).

During the consultation I was shown a range of ring settings and a selection of loose diamonds of varying specifications to see how they differ. When viewing the diamonds side by side it was really easy to see how the quality improves however as they pointed out to me, when you view diamonds in high street shop windows, the specifications aren’t made clear – it is therefore really easy to be lured into buying a low quality diamond at a high price.

The engagement ring that I ended up choosing was a classic 4 prong set solitaire ring:

4 Prong Setting Plain Engagement Ring

The following specification is what I finally settled on once all prices had been considered:

CutVery Good

In addition I opted for full peace of mind by getting the diamond fully certified by the GIA in the USA (this was also required for insurance purposes incidentally).

Overall my diamond was of an extremely high specification and set me back a huge amount of money. When considering the same diamond on the high street however the value offered by Diamonds Factory was incredible with similar engagement rings being at least 100% more expensive.

The Proposal

With my engagement ring securely hidden away in my bag Sarah and I headed to Tuscany for our summer holiday. The setting was beautiful and the moment perfect. I therefore popped the question and luckily Sarah said yes!

Proposal in Tuscany
Diamonds Factory Engagement Ring

Sarah was over the moon with her engagement ring and wherever we go, people comment on how beautiful it is.

Although I spent a huge amount of money on the ring, I have no regrets. I figured I would only propose once and I wanted the ring to be really special and unique – Diamonds Factory assured me that my specification was within the top 5% of diamonds typically bought for an engagement so I was also really happy with an element of exclusiveness.

Overall Diamonds Factory were fantastic. They were really helpful with choosing the engagement ring, working out what I could afford and sourcing the best diamond for my money. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this business and will certainly be heading back there to buy the wedding bands!

If you’re getting yourself ready to make your proposal, definitely make sure you take a look at Diamonds Factory and take a look through their engagement ring range.

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