Ideas for Building my Man Cave

I’m going to be moving house in a few weeks time into a property where the garage exists within the 4 walls, not separate to the house. With two cars and a double driveway, the garage will be going to waste so naturally I want to maximise the value of the space that I’ve paid for within the property.. and what better way to do that than by converting it into my very own man cave.

The idea of a man cave isn’t a new one as people have been creating them for years. However for me the purpose of it is to not allow a space in my new house to go unused whilst also presenting an opportunity to have my own space in the house where I don’t have to spend the evenings putting up with the likes of Gilmore Girls (thanks, Sarah!)

Man cave themes / ideas

I’m only in the initial brainstorming stage of course but the first consideration I have with this is how to theme it. You can find hundreds of pictures online (mostly of American basements incidentally) which feature elaborately decorated man caves featuring all sorts of sports / Amercian football paraphernalia e.g.

American football themed man cave
American football themed man cave
Sports themed man cave
Sports themed man cave

However this for me is far too tacky, as my man cave ideas are much more contemporary. Other possible options could include a bar, home cinema or something very traditional.

Bar man cave
A man cave featuring a bar
Home cinema man cave
Home cinema man cave
Cigar lounge man cave
A man cave themed as a cigar lounge

With so many options available as a theme it’s important for me to get things right and really have the room reflect my personality. I’m into music and the wild nature of rock and roll but at the same time I’m also a big fan of the comfort of a decent Chesterfield sofa (I’m not sure those 2 styles will compliment one another!)

So where I’m heading with my thoughts on this at the moment is for something much more like what the following design represents:

Modern man's man cave
The man cave for the modern man. A stylish and welcoming space

There’s no bright colours here which avoids an element of tackyness. That’s important to me. This type of look would however allow me to show off my acoustic and electric guitars in a modern style, have a comfortable seating area for watching films / gaming and depending on the space, has a contemporary bar. The styling of the ceiling here is really great too and is often an overlooked area of a room’s design.

I love this look and I think this is certainly the sort of style I will be aiming for once I’ve moved in!

So, what do you think makes a good man cave? What other styles would you be considering if you had the space?

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