Back in Business

So the last 3 months have been pretty crazy for me which has meant no time for any blogging or anything except offline living. Well ladies and gents, the good news is that I’m back in business and ready to get back online! Back in November I sold my house […]

Modern man's man cave

Ideas for Building my Man Cave

I’m going to be moving house in a few weeks time into a property where the garage exists within the 4 walls, not separate to the house. With two cars and a double driveway, the garage will be going to waste so naturally I want to maximise the value of […]

Ragdoll Kitten

Announcing Life of Cat

Being rather bored a few weekends ago I set myself a 1 hour challenge to create a no-frills attached website from scratch. The aim was to build something, primarily for myself which I would find entertaining from time to time and that was dynamic. Certainly nothing particularly fancy. 1 hour […]

Gravity Poster

Gravity Film Review

When Alfonso Cuarón‘s latest motion picture, Gravity (2013) emerged in cinemas a few months ago (released 7th November 2013), the trailers really didn’t make me jump out of my seat to get down the cinema and part with my cash. Considering Alfonso had directed the likes of Great Expectations (1998) and […]

London Commuting

My 9-5 exists in London meaning that as a Bedfordshire guy I must undertake the daily commute with London Midland. For years I put off getting a job in London as the thought of early starts, late nights home and the hammering of my wallet couldn’t justify it. I know […]