Founded by Nick, Life of Man was created out of a desire to find a new evening hobby besides sitting in front of the TV.

The site started back in March 2014 however it was a bit of a slow start that led to a dry spell of content for many months – there were very few like-minded men’s bloggers to engage with which made writing content a little, well, boring.

Emergence of the male blogging community

In 2016 everything changed however. The blogging community saw an explosion of new male bloggers emerge, challenging the vast swathes of women’s lifestyle blogs that had monopolised the blogging community. Men’s blogs also shifted away from the traditional focus of technology and gadgets and started to focus more heavily on lifestyle content relating to days out, food and drink and travel. A perfect fit for my interests.

Running a lifestyle blog means producing a broad range of content. I therefore categorise myself in a lot of different ways:

A fresh start

Having got married in September 2016, I returned to my blog, re-engaged with a new design, fresh ideas and an active male blogging community to interact with. You’ll now regularly created posts with content shared on Twitter via the #malebloggers hashtag.


Like most bloggers, I’m pretty into my photography. When I go away anywhere I take a LOT of photos as I love to capture my memories to their fullest. If you’re interested, the kit used to take the photos that you see on my website is either my iPhone 6s when I’m out and about day to day or my Nikon D3200 DLSR with an 18-55mm VR Lens which creates by far my best shots.

About me

So who am I? Well, I am a 30-something married man, a home owner, a slave to 2 cats and a proud resident of Milton Keynes. Day to day I am an an e-commerce marketing manager, working in London for one the UK’s largest department stores. You will therefore find a lot of content on my blog relating to both Milton Keynes and London.

What I feature on my blog are lifestyle posts. My definition of this being things that not only interest me day by day but also interest those who I wish to engage with – I try not to write any old rubbish because a brand has asked me to. Therefore you’ll find that my blog focuses particularly heavily on food and drink, technology, men’s grooming, men’s fashion and my love for travelling the world and most recently America where I went on an incredible honeymoon. I also run a dedicated travel blog over at AmbitionEarth.com.

I hope you find some interesting content here to write about, comment on and share. If you have any thoughts I would love to hear from you so please use the contact form.

Finally, please be sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram!