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Everyone knows that once their car gets beyond a certain age that it will need to be taken to an MOT each year. However, what goes on during an MOT can sometimes be surprising. Many motorists have simply no idea what is involved. Read on to find out some lesser-known facts about these mandatory annual car inspections.

The MOT test has been around since 1960

Although the MOT test has been around since 1960, back then the test was fairly rudimentary and only involved some basic inspections of the car’s brakes, steering and lighting system. Since those days, the tests involved have been much more stringent which leads some people to worry about whether or not they should put their car in for one or scrap it.  If you choose the right type of garage to undertake your MOT, they will make the experience hassle free for you.

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Mechanical issues are not the most common reason for a car to fail its MOT

Many drivers think that it will be their suspension, their engine or even their tyres that are the problem. However, the fact is that the biggest proportion of failures come down to electrics, specifically the signalling system used by modern cars to indicate.

Motorcycles are more likely to pass an MOT than a car

Motorcycles pass their MOTs at a much higher rate than cars. The reason for this is unclear unless you assume that bikers take much more care of their vehicles than drivers do. Around 80 percent of motorbikes pass their MOT without any remedial steps being needed. Around four out of every ten cars fail by comparison. However, the pass rate rises to over 70 per cent when remedial action is taken.

Dozens of checks are made during an MOT inspection

Finally, there are in the region of 60 different checks that need to be made on cars for them to complete their MOT inspection. Each of these must be verified by an accredited mechanic, of course. Every single one of those checks needs to be ticked off on a checklist, too! So, the next time you think to yourself that an MOT is expensive, you might also like to consider just how many procedures take place to get the job done.

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