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The Don Indian restaurant Mllton Keynes

Life of Man is written by myself, Nick, a 30 something year old Milton Keynes blogger, originally from Leighton Buzzard. In late 2016 I decided to take my blog a little more seriously and so you’ll now find new content posted regularly, typically around every 2-5 days.

I’ve only lived in Milton Keynes since 2013 however I have grown up in Buckinghamshire / Bedfordshire so have spent the majority of my life in the area. I’m certainly one of those people who still talk about the “new bit” of the Centre:MK shopping centre and have a gripe that the Oak tree transformed from something beautiful, into a stump, then into a plastic Christmas tree and now nothing at all!

I haven’t however quite grasped the terminology of “going up City” – it just doesn’t sit well with me!

Things to do in Milton Keynes

I am always out and about in Milton Keynes taking photos of the places I visit and writing about my experiences to share with my readers. I love exploring new places and going to events and locations which are either little known or lay undiscovered. This is what I’ve been writing about most recently:

For my full range of coverage, please take a look at my things to do in Milton Keynes page.

Milton Keynes food, drink and restaurant reviews

In addition to getting out and about day to day, I’m also a Milton Keynes food blogger. I love eating. A lot. This means I get out to restaurants and pubs quite frequently and enjoy sharing my experiences with our local audience. These are the 5 most recent places that I’ve been to for dinner:

For my full range of food and drink reviews, please take a look at my Milton Keynes restaurant reviews page.

Are you a business looking for local PR coverage?

So what can I offer you if you’re a business? Well, I can review/sample your products, your shop, your cafe or your restaurant – plenty of examples of what to expect are shown above. If you have a service/experience based business I can write about that too – again there are some recent examples of what to expect shown above or alternatively take a look at my Milton Keynes blog posts page for the full range of my coverage across the city.

Anything goes really so long as it is a good fit for my readers and is local to Milton Keynes. My coverage is however completely honest so I won’t just write something positive because you ask me to. For example, I visited Turtle Bay in The Hub and also Middletons Steakhouse in MK – both offered very different experiences.

If you would like to collaborate on a project please don’t hesitate to get in touch.