Autumn fashion

As someone who commutes to London each day for a 9 to 5 by bicycle, train and on foot I like like to look good and feel comfortable in an outfit. Autumn is however an extremely tricky season when it comes to making the right fashion choices; the weather is often very unpredictable, changing from bright sun to downpours in a matter of minutes – especially in the UK. This can make it hugely difficult to pick appropriate clothing for the day ahead, even with checking the forecast!

Dressing for the transitional period in between summer and autumn is one of life’s mysteries; are you supposed to put away your summer stuff yet? When can you start wearing your big jumpers again? Is it going to be warm today, or suddenly drop in temperature?

So, to give you a helping hand until winter arrives, here are some men’s clothing styles you can adopt while the weather is still a little bit unpredictable!

Start layering

You’ve probably heard it time and time again; layers are your friend in unstable weather conditions! Perfect for adding to, or taking off, when the weather changes, layers help you to stay at an optimum temperature while you’re out and about.

Think casual shirts worn over t-shirts, or jumpers over t-shirts, so that you’re prepared for any temperature the outdoors might throw at you. This gives you chance to update your wardrobe with the latest in men’s fashion – slogan t-shirts and checked shirts are right on trend for the upcoming season.

Embrace long sleeve t-shirts

It might be time to say goodbye to sleeveless tees, and say hello to long sleeve t-shirts. They are perfect for when you’re not sure on the weather, with long sleeves to keep you warm, but made from lightweight material should things change.

Long sleeve t-shirts are a staple part of transitional fashion, giving you the chance to roll up your sleeves if you get caught in a spell of sunshine. To be right on trend this season look for styles created in block colours for a visual impact to your look.

Invest in lightweight hoodies and jackets

Having a jacket to hand is going to be a lifesaver at this time of year, but you might not be quite ready to throw on your big winter coat just yet. Investing in lightweight jackets is the solution; think a leather jacket or even a parka. These styles will keep you dry and warm enough when it’s necessary.

Likewise, having a stylish, streetwear-inspired hoodie might also be something you come to rely on. With a casual style, keep one with you just in case you start to feel a chill!

Stay on point with versatile colours

For the most part, you’ll probably want to wear seasonal colours to remain in keeping with the direction of the weather. Versatile shades such as navy, khaki, beige and burgundy are all key colours for autumn and winter, and there’s no harm in starting early. Intersperse these colours with lighter shades for an adaptable wardrobe that you can bring back out in spring, if you need to!

Whatever outfits you choose to wear during this awkward transitional period, have accessories like a hat or umbrella to hand; you never know!

Autumn retailer tip!

Every year I tend to get drawn to buying from the same big online fashion players however a retailer that I’ve really started to take a shine to and follow in recent months is Bellfield Clothing. Nominated for ‘Young Fashion Brand of the Year’ at both the Drapers Independent Awards and the Drapers Awards, this year I’ll be looking to do something different and buy a few pieces to update my Autumn wardrobe from their collection. If you haven’t come across them yet, be sure to check out their range of men’s clothing here and let me know what you think.

Autumn really is a challenging time of year to get your wardrobe right especially where trying to balance your fashion choices with practical ones. Get things right however and you’ll not only look the business but be comfortable too.

By Chris

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