Here at Life of Man we have been fully embracing the world of online shopping with a particularly strong focus recently on beer delivery services. We reviewed Flavourly’s craft beer delivery service which was an excellent experience with lots of supplementary information given, and more recently we reviewed Beer Hawk’s beer delivery service which was a far more straightforward affair with no frills attached.

Having got a little hooked on the idea of beer being delivered to your door we are continuing down this path by taking a look at Beer52, offering something a little different to our previous experiences.

Beer delivery subscription

A typical delivery service for beer is exactly what it says it is. Beer delivered to your door. You head to your favoured website, check the prices, look for some deals and order what takes your fancy before seeing that amber nectar arriving on the doorstep a few days later. Perfect!

Beer52’s subscription service offers something a little different however. Rather than the usual subscription where you order your favourite beer to arrive regularly, a subscription with Beer52 focuses on variety and expanding your beer tastes by providing a selection of different beers every month, from a selection of breweries.

This is perfect if you are a beer lover who wants to discover new beers and breweries every month. You are guaranteed to expand your experience of different beer styles and give those beers a go which in a bar you would probably skip past as they don’t quite sound like a better option vs your usual.

Country rotation

Of course a monthly beer subscription that delivers a variety pack isn’t particularly unique and leaves the door open to a commodity industry where the cheapest deals will often win. So what’s fantastic about Beer52 is that they take this idea of a variety pack one step further to really stand out.

Every month Beer52 focus on a specific country and so the beers that you receive will only be from that country which is a fantastic twist.

We signed up to Beer52 in December where the focus was on the USA and so we received some fantastic beers from the likes of the Evil Twin and Captain Lawrence breweries. Next up for January is a selection of beers from the land down under, Australia. As we head towards February, time will tell!

What’s in the box?

The Beer52 box presents itself well and different to others we’ve seen by maintaining their red branding on the cardboard. Their illustrations are also well produced adding a lighthearted edge to the delivery.

Inside the Beer52 box it’s about as exciting as a box of cardboard can get with dividers separating each can. In addition to the beer you also receive a snack and a magazine.

The subscription that we signed up to was for a selection of 8 beers though when you reach checkout you are offered discounts to increase your subscription level.

One of the things that we really rated about Beer52’s subscription was the value add of their service through the inclusion of “Ferment”, a magazine produced each month.

Each month Ferment focuses exclusively on the country which the beer relates to combing some beautiful artwork with great content.

What you get from Ferment is information about each of the breweries which produced the beer in your delivery. As per the photo here we received beer from Captain Lawrence Brewing Co. with associated content about the brewery in the magazine. We loved this unique inclusion of information to really bring the beer to life, give some credit to the breweries and just create an interesting read if like us you are a beer enthusiast.

In addition to the beer and a magazine you also receive a snack which for December was a pack of chilli flavoured seeds however much like the beer the snack also varies month to month.

Beer52 review

With a couple of beer deliveries under our belt we’re getting quite used to the convenience of these services. No supermarket queues to deal with and a range of great beers that you’ll more often than not, fail to see served behind bars up and down the country.

What we loved about Beer52 was the extra level of detail that they presented compared to others. The inclusion of the monthly magazine, the rotation of countries to keep things mixed whilst maintaining a theme and then via the website earning beer tokens for each beer reviewed to get money off future purchases.

Beer52 offer a fantastic subscription product at a great price and are certainly our top choice for 2021 if you are seeking out beer delivered to your door.

Head over to to learn more about about their subscription service and sign up today.

Don’t forget your beer glass!

If you are going to take beer seriously by parting your hard earned cash with a beer delivery service then don’t settle for drinking from an old tumbler that you have lying around your kitchen. Invest in a good quality craft beer glass and it will make the experience of drinking your favourite beer so much more enjoyable. Head over to Amazon for some amazing deals on beer glasses which with Prime will get you next day delivery.

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