With the 2020 lockdown kicking in due to Covid-19 one thing that has changed is the huge shift from visiting a local store to shopping online. Whilst for many this has meant getting an online fashion fix, and topping up Jeff Bezos’ wealth through the convenience of Amazon, for me this has meant exploring the different options available around shopping online for beer delivery services!

We all have our individual priorities in life, right!?

I have previously dabbled in beer delivery via Flavourly (read my Flavourly beer delivery review) and I’ve been a regular customer of theirs since, however recently I felt a need to see what else the beer delivery market had to offer. Was I missing out on better beers? Maybe beer delivery was cheaper elsewhere? Maybe other websites offered a broader range? With Black Friday about to take place it felt like the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the online discounting and try something different. This led me Beer Hawk.

Ordering Online from Beerhawk.co.uk

Heading out in to the wild looking for new beer delivery options, Google was my first port of call. A simple search for “online beer delivery” returned a typically overwhelming number of search results however the Beer Hawk brand stood out as something recognisable from conversations with friends.

The beerhawk.co.uk website is really easy to use with a simple navigation menu clearly laying out the various options available. It’s amazing how many websites overcomplicate this fundamental website but the Beer Hawk team have got this perfect.

The beer options available from Beer Hawk cover mixed cases, large packs and draft kegs in addition to gifting packages and a monthly beer club subscription through their sub-brand, BeerBods. All of your expected beers are available here including IPAs, wheat beers and pale ales.

There’s also the ability to filter through their range by country, style, brewery and alcohol content so you can really drill down through the range to find exactly what you want.

I opted for a Black Friday deal and picked up a mixed case of 24 beers for just £30 – an absolute bargain!

Beer Hawk delivery

The Beer Hawk delivery was extremely fast with my box of 24 beers arriving within 48 hours of placing my order, via Yodel. That’s exactly the type of service that I expect from online shopping where the purposes of doing so is both convenience and getting the purchase quickly.

The box received from Beer Hawk was very nicely presented with their branding clearly laid out along with the Beer Hawk social media profiles.

Opening the box there was nothing particularly impressive on the reveal which felt like a missed opportunity to do more with the brand. The product was certainly well packed however it might have been a nice touch to include some information about the beers in the box, a magazine or extra offers. It also felt odd to me to include a beer Hawk bottle opener in a box of beer that contained only cans. Surely there’s a better product to include in these types of orders?

Out of the box there was a good selection of beer including:

  • Camden Hells Lager
  • Pistonhead
  • Goose Island IPA
  • Camden Pale Ale
  • Goose 312 Urban Wheat Ale

Additionally there was of course the branded but ultimately useless bottle opener!

Online beer delivery should be a simple affair. It means beating the supermarket queues, having a broader range of choice and finding great deals that might be missed on the high street. I am a big advocate of online shopping and the experience from the team at Beer Hawk was great. Simple, great choice and fast delivery.

If you haven’t ordered beer online yet I’d recommend heading over to https://www.beerhawk.co.uk and giving them a go.

Don’t forget your beer glasses

If like me you you don’t do things by halves then be sure to invest in a good quality craft beer glass for your beer. Drinking your favourite beer from a good quality glass as opposed to that random tumbler that you pulled out the kitchen cupboard will make all the difference to the pleasure of drinking a decent craft beer and they certainly don’t have to cost the earth. Head over to Amazon where you’ll find some great beer glass deals.

By Nick

Nick is the founder of Life of Man with a passion for trying out the latest technology, eating out at the best local restaurants, trying the latest IPAs hitting the craft beer scene travelling the world. As a parent Nick loves to spend time with his family and write about days out as dad blogger.

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