Beating Blue Monday

So here it is – Blue Monday.

Stated to be the most depressing day of the year, Blue Monday supposedly presents a challenge for us all as the weather is cold, Christmas is over, we all have to go back to work and the realisation of debts kicks in. It can be a challenge.

However according to Dr Cliff Arnall who is behind the whole idea of Blue Monday (thanks to his quite frankly ridiculous 2005 equation), 2017’s Blue Monday is going to be the worst one yet. The reason? Anxiety over Brexit, celebrity deaths, and fears about Donald Trump’s presidency. Ridiculous. No-one is really down about these things, if anything we’re all just a bit pissed off.

This isn’t by the way a post about coping with anxiety and depression. Heck I’ve been through all of that and based on my experiences I could start a new dedicated blog on the subject!

So how can you cope with Blue Monday in 2017?

Worrying about money?

Well as I see it things are fairly simple, it’s all about perspectives and choice. You may be looking into your bank statement wondering where all of your money has gone but you’re forgetting why this is. You most likely had an amazing Christmas with family and friends. You probably treated your other half to something special this year. Heck, you may have even booked a holiday for later in the year!

Aside from poor financial management surrounding credit card debt or interest payments, a lack of finances typically relates to a positive memory. Remind yourself what that is. Me for example, I am staring at a pile of debt. And it’s not going away anytime soon. However I won’t get depressed about it. I’ll remember that I got married last year and went on the best honeymoon I could have ever dreamed of – for the memories and experiences this money created, it was worth every penny.

Worrying about work?

Having a poor time at work and feel a bit lost? Feel in the need for a new job?

Well consider this, firstly you have a job unlike tens of thousands of other people. OK the job may not be perfect or pay the money you want/feel you deserve however no job is. You have plenty of time ahead of you to improve your career. Ultimately a job isn’t a permanent issue, you can always find a new one or another way to improve yourself. So stop worrying about your job or career. And if it really is that bad, seriously, stop worrying and take action.

Worrying about politics?

Brexit, Trump? Seriously, just stop worrying about these things. If anything these should giving you endorphin’s through humour! If you’re wondering how that’s possible, just spend 10 minutes looking through Trump’s Twitter feed – hilarious!

Whether you like it or not Trump and Brexit are going to happen and it’s all of our problems to deal with. I’m not one for politics anyway so enough said!

It’s all about perspective

As I see it, Blue Monday is all about perspective and I think it’s easy for people to fall into the vicious circle of worrying about worrying. When you hit that place you start worrying about worrying about worrying. And so it continues…

So stop worrying about money. Stop worrying about the future. No matter how bad things get I can guarantee your life still remains better than millions of people both in the UK and wider afield around the world. So stop looking at that half empty glass.

There’s a conductor on my London Midland commuter train and every morning he offers the carriage the same great piece of advice; smile at a stranger today as you never know how much that single smile could change somebody’s life. Think about it. You could positively change someones day.

So how am I going to cope with today?

Well, firstly I’m going to buy myself some new clothes. After that I’m going to look at holidays for my wedding anniversary. And finally I’m going to look ahead to all of the amazing things that are lined up for me in 2017. Oh yeah and I’m going to say hi and smile at a stranger.

Life’s too short to be down so whatever your situation, do what makes you happy. Treat yourself to your perfect pick me up and enjoy it. I know I will.

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