Being a lover of craft beer it was great to be contacted by the guys over at Flavourly.com recently to give their service a go.

Flavourly featured on the BBC’s Dragons Den, starting as an entrepreneurial idea around a personalised beer service. Essentially what Flavourly do is deliver a variety of craft beers to your front door for a monthly fee. With each delivery you can provide feedback on the beers and over time will try a huge selection of different ales. There are of course all sorts of incentives that come with this type of service including a referral scheme for all newly signed up customers you have recommended giving you and them money off the next order.

When the box arrived it was well branded with the Flavourly logo and had more references to beer printed on it than you can shake a stick at! It was also delivered undamaged by Royal Mail which made a nice change from the usual dented up boxes that tend to arrive.

Flavourly.com box
Flavourly.com box

Receiving the box was pretty exciting and I had no idea what beer was contained within it or indeed how it was going to be presented inside. Opening the box presented an assortment of information and products:

Flavourly.com box contents
The personalised label was a nice touch
Flavourly.com box contents
The box contained a wide assorted of additional products beyond the beer bottles
Flavourly.com box contents
Flavourly.com box contents

What beers were in the box?

The Flavourly box contained 9 different beers of various strengths and types so it offered a good selection from various UK breweries.

Flavourly.com beers

As with all ales the labels provided a decent point of interest…

Flavourly.com beer

What else is in the box?

In addition to the beer the box contained a number of other information cards including a list of each of the beers along with information about the breweries which was a really nice touch:


There was also a card explaining the social engagement strategy employed by Flavourly around their hashtag #TweetMyBeer:


The guys at Flavourly also included some “handy tips” though I’m not too sure about whether they are indeed tips! The card presented tells the brief story of Flavourly and introduces each member of the team.  I really like this information card as it made the experience feel a bit more personal and easier to engage with the brand:

Flavourly.com box contents

On the back of the card there is information about how to earn free beer from the referral scheme:

Flavourly.com box contents

In addition to the information cards the box contained a packet of crisps, 2 packets of peanuts, some beer mats, a beer glass and a Flavourly branded bottle opener:

Flavourly.com crisps
Flavourly.com crisps
Flavourly.com beer mats
Flavourly.com beer mats

I am yet to crack open some of the beers however so far my experience of the Flavourly brand has been excellent. I have been really impressed with how everything is presented and the contents of the box really exceeded my expectations.

Rating: 5/5

Money off your first order!

If you would like to order a box either for yourself or as a gift, head over to Flavourly.com and sign up today. What’s even better is that if you use my discount code LIFE12 you can get £12 off your first box (normally £20 + £4 postage) – I think this is a great brand and a great idea, why not give them a try.

By Nick

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