With the inability to browse the shops due to repeated lockdowns it has become increasingly difficult to discover and test new products and services and this is particularly challenging when it comes to men’s fragrance.

With aftershave carrying a high price point there aren’t many guys who will take a punt at ordering several new aftershaves, costing upwards of £30 per bottle, in the hope that it will carry an appealing scent.

So, what’s the solution?

Well, it is the latest trend for men which is an aftershave subscription service. We recently discovered this service from the team at Scentful and decided to give their proposition a try.

Scentful men’s aftershave delivery

Scentful offer a monthly subscription which delivers to your door 2 different fragrances each month from the worlds largest brands.

The box is presented beautifully, with a masculine feel, with 2x 5ml glass spray bottles contained inside. These sprays are bigger than your typical tester bottles with enough aftershave to last you every day of the month.

Scentful aftershave delivery box
Scentful 2x aftershave sprays
Scentful Diesel aftershave

Alongside your aftershave is an information card. This provides details about the fragrances included in the delivery which is perfect for knowing whether your fragrances are ideal for work or something more special such an evening out.

Scentful aftershave information card

What makes the Scentful subscription so special is that it is a blind fragrance delivery. In other words, the 2 aftershaves you receive each month aren’t communicated in advance so it is a surprise each month when you open your subscription box.

For this aftershave set which was part of the December mystery box, it arrived with 2 excellent fragrances:

Jean Paul Gaultier - Ultra Male

Jean Paul Gaultier – Ultra Male

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Diesel - Spirit Of The Brave

Diesel – Spirit Of The Brave

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What I love about this service is that it allows you to try a lot of fragrances from the worlds leading brands very quickly giving you a great experience of trying them out before investing in a full size bottle for those that really catch your attention.

Scentful men’s aftershave

We absolutely love this new proposition from Scentful, go check them out at https://scentful.co.uk/ where their subscriptions start from £11.95 per month.

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