Hammond and Co. Suit

I’ve been wearing the same suit for a couple of years now and so this afternoon I decided it was time to buy myself something new. With the sales launching today it was the perfect time to pick up something discounted and so I headed to the Centre:MK to see what was available.

After browsing for a while I settled on a suit from Saville Row designer, Patrick Grant with a 2 piece suit from his Hammond & Co. range, priced at £72 for the jacket (down from £120) and £36 for the trousers (down from £60). I then paired this a tie from British designers, Racing Green and a classic Oxford shirt.

Hammond and Co. Suit
Hammond and Co suit

With a blue/grey finish “rust check” detail in the stitching, this was exactly what I was looking for from a suit that wouldn’t come across as being too formal.

Hammond and Co suit detailing

The suit is also informal enough that it can easily be paired with jeans for a more casual look. Here I’ve paired it with a casual shirt from Zara Man, Wrangler Texas stretch jeans and some Adidas court vantage trainers.

Hammond jacket used for a more casual look

I’m really happy with this purchase. The suit is really good quality, has nice detailing and was a great price at £108 in the sale.

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