Every Christmas you can be pretty sure that you’ll receive some socks and if you’re really unlucky a Lynx Africa body spray/shower gel duo from Boots.

Luckily for me this year I received the socks but not the latter!

Ted Baker socks

Now I know what you’re thinking, it’s just socks.

However when it comes to socks I’m usually pretty carefree about what I wear – they are just socks after all. They get put on what my wife lovingly calls my “Hobbit feet”, they get tucked tightly into my shoes and they’re rarely put on display unless:

  1. I’ve outgrown my trousers turning them into ankle bashers or
  2. Am sitting around the house with my wife having them attacked by my cats

This year however receiving a set of Ted Baker socks may have changed my mind. Maybe socks are something that I should be paying more attention to in my outfit building. This set is certainly a lot more interesting than an all black attire.

Ted Baker socks

Designer, colourful, comfortable and confidence building. Look good, feel good n all that. Maybe I’m a changed man for 2017. I’m off to get a few more pairs in the January sales.

Ted Baker socks

By Nick

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