Wandering around Wickes recently something caught my eye – USB plug sockets! Now I’m not usually someone who makes impulse purchases however on this occasion it seemed like a good idea – especially as my wife wasn’t present. Gadgets? MAN gadgets? Oh go on then!

My thought process behind this involved 2 things. Firstly I’ve been renovating the entire downstairs of my house so it felt like a good addition. Secondly I’m forever plugging in and unplugging iPhone chargers from the sockets so what better than to have a USB socket immediately available.

With that in mind I decided to kit out every socket in my lounge and dining room and also replace an old switch with a new one. With the sockets reduced to £5.99 per double socket it was a deal not to be missed! And besides, who wouldn’t want 8 USB sockets in their lounge/dining room!

So how easy are these sockets to install? Super simple!

Step 1: Locate your existing plug socket!

First things first, this is electricity – kill the power, not yourself! With everything off, go find your target socket!

Step 2: Unscrew the existing socket

Pull the socket away from the back box and establish how your wiring has been installed – this should simply be a case of a single set of live, neutral and earth wires either in the old wiring colours or new ones depending on the age of the property – my socket here had an extension coming off of it thus 2 sets of wires to each port.

Step 3: Attach your new socket

Yep, literally just reattach the 3 wires – simple right!

And that really is as easy as it gets! Flip the power back on and enjoy charging your phone or doing whatever it is that you want to do with your always on USB socket!

Buy USB sockets from Wickes

For me I now have the choice of 8 USB sockets! I can sit anywhere in my lounge or dining room and have the option available to me for £25. For me, it was a great investment and an easy DIY modification to my house – get yourself down to Wickes, Homebase, Screwfix or any other homeware store and pick yourself one up today. 10/10!

By Nick

Nick is the founder of Life of Man with a passion for trying out the latest technology, eating out at the best local restaurants, trying the latest IPAs hitting the craft beer scene travelling the world. As a parent Nick loves to spend time with his family and write about days out as dad blogger.

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