Bleu de Chanel

Bleu de Chanel Aftershave

I first came across Bleu de Chanel back in August last year when I started hunting for the perfect fragrance for my wedding day. Wandering through a department store I was lured towards the counter by the highly polished beauty sales assistant (I’m sure Chanel give them more flattering titles than that!) and was introduced to the range of men’s […]

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Wedding shot by the canal

10 Tips for Hiring a Wedding Photographer

Having been through the whole business of getting married in 2016 I like to think that I can now share some words of wisdom from my experience. I would put the importance of photography right up there alongside the wedding dress. Why? Well, in all honesty, no one remembers your wedding breakfast, no one remembers the content of your speech […]

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Happy Hour Wedding Band

10 Tips for Booking a Wedding Band

Back in September last year I married the love of my life Sarah (you’ll see her feature around my blog a lot!) however in the months leading up to the wedding one of the major things for us to sort out was the evening entertainment. Now I’m not going to lie, beyond writing my groom’s speech there weren’t many jobs […]

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