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So your mate’s finally decided to call it quits on his single life, and you’ve been chosen the best man. Quite an honour indeed, but with this time honoured tradition comes a world of responsibility. And with responsibility comes pressure. Not to scare off all future best men, but pressure makes people do things differently.

So what’s a best man to do?

For starters, do not leave anything to chance. It’s your mate’s wedding after all, and it has to be the best there ever was. To help all you excited best men out there, we’ve curated a list of things that will make you a stand-out best man. Do these things right, and you will be lauded for your planning skills and your mate will thank his stars for having you around. Read on and get enlightened.

The all-important stag do location

All self-respecting best men know this is the ‘make or break’ task for all pre-wedding activities. A stellar stag do makes for a superb wedding (more or less the unwritten marriage code). With so much riding on a  stag do, we cannot stress enough about planning well ahead.

Like most stag do’s of late, there’s quite a chance you’d want to head off to an exotic location with the lads and give the stag a single life send off like no other. However if you are planning to go out somewhere more local then figuring out the best UK stag do location can be one of the hardest tasks to tackle.

Best way to deal with this situation of whether to stay nearer to home or head abroad is by taking a vote. Ask the lads to name a place where they’d like to go. The place with most votes wins. This way you ensure its a fair decision, and there are no grumpy faces.

Deciding upon the stag do location is going to be the first and the most important stage of your stag do planning. All your bookings and stag do activities will depend on your selection of the destination. So if you are late in deciding, you will delay all other processes as well.

So what all can go wrong if you leave everything to the last minute?

Expensive travel and reservations

Yes, we’ve been through last minute flight or hotel bookings, and as I’m sure you’re all too familiar with, it costs a bomb. So unless you have a lot of extra cash lying around, it is always advisable to book at least two weeks in advance.

Since the stag do will have people with different budgets, it’s wise to have at least two options picked out. Create a stag do chat group on WhatsApp where you can update the lads about your selection and take feedback for any changes.

Coordinating nightmares

For large groups, coordinating the stag do can be a real challenge. This can be taken care of easily by handing out itineraries to all. Have all the details clearly listed with contact numbers and other important information available for all the group members.

This will come handy especially during pub crawls when some lads decide to wander off from the planned route. If travelling to a foreign location, it is great to have some useful words or phrases in the local language included in the stag do details.

Right activities for the right stag do

Strippers and booze have a stag do staple and have been overdone. A little research about the activities on offer at your selected location will hold you in good stead with the lads. After all you are not organising a destination stag do to get wasted in a boozer.

Get the boys talking about the kind of things they’d be interested in. If your group is the adventurous kind, you can choose to go skydiving or cliff jumping. For the more sophisticated stag do’s, a whisky tasting masterclass or a night at the races can be a great option. Choices are endless hence some planning will ensure everyone has a great time.

Beer kitty blunders

Stag do’s are all about beer and good times. So make sure a pre-decided beer kitty is agreed upon. Your group’s beer binge will be based on the amount everyone decides to pool in. Based on what everyone is comfortable with, set an amount that can be collected for easy payments later.


A lot of things in a stag do depend on the best man’s planning. If you are one of those who likes to catch the last train, then delaying the decision of choosing the destination city may cost you heavily. So if you want to give your mate a stag do worth remembering, you better be the early bird and figure out the best place for stag do like no other.

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