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Consistent care and maintenance can be a game changer. Being proactive is a good trait to have in everything we do, whether going to work on time, paying bills on time or managing our budget every month. Adding to this, it is also important to consistently look after our car’s health especially its tyres as it is the only source that we use to commute from one place to another to complete our daily chores. You know London is one of the busiest cities in the UK and you do not want your car causing trouble in between those busy streets. Hence, looking after your tyre’s health is very important to avoid unfortunate incidents and breakdown while driving in a busy city.

Manage your tread depth 

It is always advisable to check the tread of your tyres which is the outer tyre layer that protects it from external harm caused by sharp materials present on the road. Tread depth should be between 1.5mm to 3mm. In case you are driving in extreme winter or uneven road surface 2.5mm to 3mm would be more suitable as it will increase tyre grip on the rugged road. To check the tread depth of your tyre you can use a twenty pence coin and measure by its rim which is equal to the minimum tread requirement that is allowed. Therefore it is always better to roll your tyres with appropriate tread instead of driving with bald tread tyres and damaging your tyres further. 

Careful inspection of tyres 

Tyres get old and deteriorate with time. Early signs of deteriorating tyres might not be visible properly while we are driving and only get worse when the deterioration gets out of hand and impacts our overall driving experience.  It is therefore advisable for a motorist to check tyres for any bulges, wear or cuts. If you ignore this inspection and keep on rolling your tyres on rugged roads with increasing loading pressure on the car then the tyres are likely to get worse with time leaving you with no option but to get them replaced in case you suffer from a tyre puncture or car break down due to it. For avoiding such road trouble you should get a timely replacement of your old tyres. So, in case if you are looking to change your tyres from a professional and reliable place you can also book tyres in London from Iverson Tyres website.

Check Tyres for Pressure

Proper amount of air pressure in tyres can help you avoid tyre flattening or even tyre bursting on road if they are overinflated. Overinflated tyres might burst if you are driving on a higher pace and are accidentally contacted with a sudden pothole or a kerb on your way. Further in case any one of your tyres is not having balanced air pressure in it , then chances of losing control while driving can also occur affecting your overall driving. Therefore to avoid sudden bursts and to maintain a grip of tyres on the road you should always maintain balanced air pressure in them before leaving for a ride.

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