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Last night I headed over to Willen Lake in Milton Keynes for the International Festival. This is a 10 day event put on by internationally renowned music organisation, The Stables, which has been running since 2010 across various locations of Milton Keynes. The organisers describe the event as, “a world-class, multi-arts programme of extraordinary events in unusual places and public spaces”.

One of the big attractions for the festival is the ‘Spiegeltent’ at Willen Lake which is a highly decorated temporary venue built for live music and comedy. This is where we headed for a night of comedy with Seann Walsh headlining as part of his Lie-in King tour supported by Romesh Ranganathan.

Romesh Ranganathan

Romesh Ranganathan

Romesh has appeared on TV a few times so I recognised his face but didn’t really know much about him. He did pull out some obvious themed jokes about being the “token brown guy” which was a bit unoriginal but luckily this didn’t form the underlying theme of his routine!

Some of his best moments of the set were brilliant though including taking the piss out of his kids for being thick and the pain of trying to teach a child to read.. I can go strawberry.. you had to be there! But that was nothing compared to his bullying of the poor 17 year old guy sat in the front row who he thanked for coming out for the night and taking time away from masturbating lol

Romesh put on a very funny set and was a great support act for Seann doing well to get the audience warmed up despite his criticism of the audience being a bit flat!

Seann Walsh

Seann Walsh

Seann Walsh has appeared all over the usual comedy panel TV shows in recent years so most people at the ticketed event knew of him or at least recognised his face. For those in the audience who may have been confused however Seann did compare himself to the likes of Chad Kroeger from Nickelback, Justin Lee Collins and “that girl from Outnumbered”, amazing. I’d actually seen Seann live at the Comedy Store in London a year or so ago supporting John Bishop so I knew that it was going to be a good routine as he was hilarious last time around. In Milton Keynes last night he was also on top form.

The audience were in stitches early on with Seann pulling out some of his best jokes and comedy routines including a hilarious slo-mo ‘dad free kick’with full accompanying music! Seann is only 28 and myself as a 29 year old guy could relate extremely well to his jokes having grown up with the same toys and experiences. Comparing the delivery guy to a “shit power ranger” was an excellently timed joke off the back of describing the laziness of drinking water whilst lying down and being too lazy to get up and open the door for the delivery guy!

There were a few moments of unexpected pain for Seann throughout the set however which were actually quite hilarious as he turned what may have been an awkward situation into something funny. Firstly his wired microphone was playing up so had to swap it for a new one. With a tech engineer hiding down the side of the stage it should have been a simple swap for a new one but Seann managed to turn the incident into something hilarious accusing his tech engineer of heckling him with technology!

Heading towards the end of his set Seann actually finished early admitting that he hadn’t done the routine for a while and had forgotten some of the material. After a few minutes of banter with the audience asking what jokes we all wanted to hear again he launched into a hilarious routine about his girlfriend, washing up and the use of a dishwasher, nice recovery!

Overall it was a great night out and 2 great comedians who really delivered on the night. Will definitely be checking both of these guys out again in the future!

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