Christmas Jumper Party

Last night I attended Debenhams’ womens Christmas jumper party which was fully organised and run by a member of my team, Alina (she has an award winning lifestyle blog over at the fairytale pretty picture if you’re interested). Alina organised everything for this event over several weeks and her efforts really paid off. Did I mention that I work in digital marketing for Debenhams?? Perhaps not.. In short, a part of my job is to work with my team and come up with creative ways of engaging with both our PR team and customers to promote the latest product range, look, style or brand message.

So last night it was time for the nations favourite Christmas accessory to take centre stage with my team hosting a Christmas jumper party (#DebsXmasJumperParty) and needless to say, there were certainly a lot of very excited people in the room!

Bringing together around 25 loyal and new bloggers for mulled wine, gingerbread Latte’s, Christmas nibbles and a bit of a general social was fantastic. It certainly seemed like everyone had a great time. We showcased a huge selection of our Christmas jumpers with each attendee receiving one of their choice whilst also showcasing others on our mannequin reindeer who were pulling our sleigh (yep, we hired a full size sleigh).. Massive kudos to the Debenhams visual merchandising team at the Oxford Street store for setting up the room with such a great idea!

Christmas jumper reindeer and sleigh

We also had a bean bag snug, a festive nail painting table and a giant snowman…

Christmas snug
Christmas snowman

On the night not only did we spoil everyone with a big bag of Debenhams gifts we also had voucher giveaways, a gift table raffle and more Lindt reindeer and father Christmas’s than you can shake a stick at!

Lindt reindeer and father Christmas

Sometimes in our line of work things don’t go to plan or there are unexpected outcomes. On other occasions however you just get it right and this was one of those occasions where a single tweet such as this makes everything worth it:

A fantastic effort by the PR team, Oxford Street store team and Alina, who after weeks of planning put on a great event. A massive thank you to everyone who came along, we hope you enjoyed the event as much as we did.

And if you haven’t got hold of your Christmas jumper yet, there’s still time! Be sure to check out Debenhams’ full range of jumpers and also follow our Christmas campaign on Twitter with #foundit!

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