Stony Stratford zombie pub crawl 2014

So last weekend my friends and I headed over to Stony Stratford in Milton Keynes for yet another round of the annual zombie pub crawl! This was the 2nd time I’d been along, last frequenting the zombie filled pubs back in 2012. This year we decided to rave it up heading out as zombie festival goers, complete with glow sticks and wellies!

Choosing a costume for an event like this is always a bit of chore, especially when in a group. It involves trawling through Google for zombie costume ideas before then having to endlessly debate the final theme with no-one making a decision. Or maybe I just have indecisive friends? hmm. Last year we managed to decide on a theme for zombie wedding which wasn’t especially original but certainly looked good!

Zombie wedding theme
Me and Sarah as a zombie bride and groom in 2012

This year took a bit longer to decide but we eventually settled on a theme of zombie festival as we hadn’t seen that done before and thought it could be fun. The requirement for this one was band t-shirts, ripped jeans, wellies, hoodies and of course glow sticks! This was the post-make-up and pre-heading out look that we achieved…

zombie festival
Zombie festival goers!

The zombie pub crawl itself has been running for a couple of years now and in that time it has grown into an enormous event in the area. The first year I went was 2012 and at that time it was fairly busy but not so much so that you couldn’t get into any pubs. This year was a completely different story however with the entire high street filled with zombified people of all shapes, sizes and ages!

In fact it was so busy this year that we couldn’t even get into any of the pubs(!) and like hundreds of others around us simply resorted to grabbing some drink from the local off-licence and enjoying our night, partying in the high street! This was made even more authentic by the warm Fosters that I mistakenly got my hands on!

Drinking from the off licence at the Stony Stratford zombie pub crawl
So busy we had to drink from the off licence at the Stony Stratford zombie pub crawl

The pub crawl was excellent back in 2012 when I last gave it a go and this year was equally as good, if not a better experience due to better costumes from everyone that attended and the street party which the police were fully embracing.

The Stony Stratford zombie pub crawl is a great event where this year I’m told around 2000 people attended – we’ll certainly be heading back for another great night out in 2015!

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