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On a very wet and windy Saturday evening I headed over to The Prince George pub in Tattenhoe, Milton Keynes for dinner with my family. The pub is still fairly new having only opened in Feb 2014 and in true British style was named after Will and Kate’s royal baby.

The Prince George Tattenhoe Milton Keynes

Being Christmas, the pub has been fully decorated with no inch of space spared – it has also been presented in a really tasteful way. As you walk in you are immediately hit with that sense of being in a warm and cosy pub that has an air of class about it, it really does feel welcoming and is exactly my kind of thing.

Christmas in full swing at The Prince George
A good selection of McMullen ale's on tap
View of the restaurant from the bar

Getting settled

Having been shown to our seats it took no time at all for our waiter to come over and take our food and drinks order. No one likes sitting around waiting to order their meal and so this part of the whole pub restaurant experience really does make or break things for me. Luckily for us the Prince George were on good form the night we visited and so we got our drinks and meals ordered within about 15 minutes which was superb.

Starter – Crispy flat mushrooms

Now ask any member of my family and each and every one of them will tell you that I’m quite partial to a breaded garlic mushroom or two. Good news for me then that the Prince George had these available on the menu! Labelled as “Crispy flat mushrooms with garlic mayonnaise” these were priced at £3.95 which I thought was fair. For an additional £1 you could upgrade the starter to “kingsize” however watching my waistline a little these days I opted to stick to the regular sized portion.

The regular sized portion that came out offered plenty of food and wasn’t like the pretentious places you sometimes visit where you wonder where the rest of your meal is. They certainly weren’t the best breaded mushrooms I’ve ever had as a couple could have done with a little longer however they still tasted great.

Crispy flat mushrooms with garlic mayonnaise

Main course – Steak pie and chips

Keeping things in line with a traditional British pub meal, I opted for a true British pub classic for my main by ordering a steak pie and chips with mushy peas on the side. The Prince George describe this on their menu as “Beef & McMullen’s Ale Plate Pie served with mash, minted mushy peas and gravy” – £9.45. The pastry was cooked perfectly and the beef filling was more than generous so I had no complaints whatsoever in that respect. The mushy peas were great however the chips weren’t what I would consider a good pub chip – they were a little on the soggy side (not gravy related), lacking a bit of texture and crunch so this could be better.

Beef & McMullen's Ale Plate Pie served with mash, minted mushy peas and gravy

Sarah hadn’t opted for a starter and so went straight for a main ordering the “Simply Grilled Chicken Skewer” for £8.95. This was a really good sized meal if like Sarah you want to go for a bit more of a healthy option.

Simply Grilled Chicken Skewer

Dessert – Coffee and a sundae

I think I underestimated quite how filling the pie was going to be and so come dessert had to give it a miss, in favour of a latte – £2.40.

Regular latte

Despite not getting myself a dessert, the menu looked really good! If I wasn’t so full I would have certainly had something. Sarah on the other hand, having done so well with the skewers for her main, threw the healthy option out of the window and went for a full “Cookie Dough Sundae – Chunks of baked chocolate cookie dough, with soft serve ice cream, chocolate sauce and whipped cream” – it looked amazing, I’m assured tasted amazing, and was an amazing £4.25.

Cookie Dough Sundae

Overall experience

Our overall experience at The Prince George was a good one. The service was top drawer, the atmosphere was great and the food was simply good, honest British pub food! My only real criticism was that the chips were a bit of a let down but as an overall experience goes for the price we paid I really can’t complain.

Thanks to the team for an enjoyable night out to The Prince George, we’ll be heading back soon and recommending you to many of our family and friends.

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