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I was recently contacted by the guys over at The Bluebeards Revenge to take part on their current competition, “The Manliest of Manes”. This is a hairstyling challenge to be in with a shot of winning an ASOS voucher. Not wanting to miss out I put myself forward and gave it a go!

So the competition involves using 3 new products from The Bluebeards Revenge hairstyling range to create 3 different styles.

The Bluebeards Revenge Hair Product Range

Not only am i falling out with my densely packed barnet most days, I figured this challenge would be made even more difficult by the fact that I’d only had a haircut 3 days earlier so didn’t really have much to work with! That said, I gave it my best shot!

#1 – Pomade

The first of the 3 products is named Pomade – your guess is as good as mine as to how to pronounce this but I was favouring a more pirate-y ‘Pomarrrde’ to keep things in line with the brand!

The Bluebeards Revenge - Pomade

This product promised a good hold and glossy finish but did make a stark warning to apply sparingly to avoid “looking like an oil slick”… let’s face it, advice heeded, no-one needs that in their life.

The Bluebeards Revenge - Pomade

For this style I went for a classic side parting as a slight variation on my typical 9-5 hair…

The product was dead easy to apply and was quick to style effectively without too much fuss.

#2 – Matt Paste

The second product I tried was called Matt Paste which it states can be used to create any style; essentially a bit of a classic all rounder.

The Bluebeards Revenue - Matt Paste

Unlike Pomade (which was like applying a thick jelly to my hair), Matt Paste was much more like a traditional hair putty. Once warmed in the palms it was incredibly easy to apply.

The Bluebeards Revenue - Matt Paste

As this product offered a bit more movement and flexibility for my hair I attempted a brushed back look accompanied by a bit of a quiff.

#3 – Matt Clay

The final product I used was called Matt Clay. The box on this one stated it would be a matt finish clay that would create a lot of texture.

The Bluebeards Revenue - Matt Clay

Usually when a box says texture what it really means is you’ll need faff about with it for ages until you get the desired look… and this product didn’t disappoint in that respect!

The Bluebeards Revenue - Matt Clay

The product is essentially wax and although it went on OK in the end, it did take far longer than I liked to style into something half decent that I was even remotely happy with. I’ve never really been a fan of hair wax so this one was likely to lose before having even got started!

Having put the product in my hair, I started to play around with it a bit to see what I could do. If I’m honest there were only 2 styles I had in mind for high definition.

The Matt Clay was definitely not a product that I would go out and buy for myself as it was awkward to use and took far more time than I have patience to create a style. For anyone wanting a high definition style however this product would be absolutely perfect as it does exactly what it says!

Just bear in mind that after applying the Matt Clay, 4 rounds of hair washing and conditioning isn’t helping – I’m still struggling to get it out of my hair – you’ve been warned!


The Bluebeards Revenue brand was one which I’d never previously heard of. Overall though I thought the products worked well and the packaging provided a clear point of interest to make them stand out.

The Bluebeards Revenge Hair Product Range

Although I did like Pomade, it left my hair with a bit of a greasy touch which I wasn’t too keen on. My favourite product was therefore the Matt Paste as it allowed for flexibility in my hair without looking like I’d over-gelled it; this can be very problematic with a lot of guys’ hair product, especially if applied to damp hair or when an overgenerous amount is used.

So that’s that! 3 products, 3 hairstyles:

The Bluebeards Revenge - Pomade
#1 – Pomade – Slick look / Medium hold
The Bluebeards Revenue - Matt Paste
#2 – Matt Paste – Flexibility / Medium hold
The Bluebeards Revenge - Matt Clay
#3 – Matt Clay – Definition / Firm hold

Thanks for reading, wish my entry luck!


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