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Over the years, I’ve really caught the travel bug. I use any free moment to explore the length and breadth of the UK or travel further afield to see what the rest of the world has to offer me.

During these adventures, I largely spend my time wandering new cities, uncovering hidden gems, or simply checking out the local beach.

However, there are often times where I have a real need to get my blood pumping and my heart racing. After all, we all need a little adventure in our lives! If you’re the kind of person that loves to try something different, it’s about time you ticked these five top activities for adventurous travellers off your list…

Bungee jumping

Bungee jump

The thought of tying yourself to a piece of elastic and throwing yourself a bridge may fill most people with fear, but it’s one of the biggest thrills you could ever experience in your life. Not only will the view from above give you an unedited view of the destination, but you’ll also get to see it from a different viewpoint as you take the leap of faith and leave solid ground behind you.

Of course, it’s probably not the best idea for someone who has a fear of heights – but many people who have gone bungee jumping have noted that it has cured their fear in one fell swoop. With so many destinations around the world where you can bungee jump, the options are endless.

White water rafting

White water rafting

Anyone can go on a boat trip, but it takes a real adventure-seeker to ditch the captain and take the waters into their own hands.

White water rafting allows you to grab your own paddle and make your way down some of the roughest white waters known to man. You get thrown about as you make your way through rapids, and you may even have to hold on for dear life. Yet, that’s exactly why it’s one of the most incredible activities you could ever endure.

You also get to make your way through canyons and ravines, and that really is something you just don’t see every day. Just make sure your insurance covers you for any adventure sports like this, as some may not. You don’t want to be left in the lurch – just in case!

Safari experience

Safari elephants

In my opinion, everyone has to go on safari at least once in their lives. Getting the chance to see the Big Five up close and in the flesh is something you just can’t imagine, and they really have to be seen to be believed.

While it may not involve physical activity or exercise, making your way into a safari jeep and roaming the savanna will leave you with your heart pumping in your chest as you wonder what’s around the next corner. Grab your cameras for this one, because you’re going to want to take a snapshot of this adventure.

Sand surfing

Sand Surfing

If you’re really looking to add adventure into your travelling experience, you’ll want to try something that you can’t do anywhere else in the world. While you can make your way down to the coast to ride the waves, sand surfing is much more unique. The concept of this thrill-ride is fairly simple, and it’s very similar to everyday surfing. The only difference is that you are surfing the sand dunes rather than the swell!

A desert adventure is always going to an incredible experience, but adding sand surfing into the mix will be something special to truly round-off your holiday and get your hearts racing. Why not add the Sahara to your bucket list? I can guarantee that you won’t regret it.



There’s nothing quite like seeing a destination from above, and there’s something about paragliding that is just so appealing to me. While I had a blast touring over the Grand Canyon in a helicopter, the thrill of having the wind coursing through your hair as you float through the air is something that just can’t be beaten.

Sure, you can throw yourself out of a plane to tick skydiving off your list, but you don’t really get to see the land beneath your feet or the city that lies below. Seeing your destination from a new perspective is one of the best ways to appreciate just how beautiful it really is, and it will provide you with memories for a lifetime.

Do you have any more adventure activities to add to this list? Let me know in the comments!

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Nick is the founder of Life of Man with a passion for trying out the latest technology, eating out at the best local restaurants, trying the latest IPAs hitting the craft beer scene travelling the world. As a parent Nick loves to spend time with his family and write about days out as dad blogger.

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