There is more to the USA than the sky rise buildings, sultry beaches, the Grand Canyon and Hollywood. If looking for quaint, hidden gems is your definition of a perfect holiday, then the country has places like Le Claire, with all the nature’s bounty, waiting for you. 

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Why Le Claire?

With her little shops, unassuming history and rugged, rustic beauty, Le Claire, while remaining tucked in Iowa, has everything to treat you with the small-town charm. And there is more to this place.

Getting in

I preferred hiring a car to reach Le Claire because a very scant mass transit facility is available to go there. If you are traveling from the Iowa Quad Cities, then taking US Route 67 is ideal. The view of the Mississippi river comes as a bonus to those who take this route. However, since I traveled from the north of Quad cities, I decided to use Interstate 80.

On Spending My Extended Weekend

My two and a half day’s stay at Le Claire was rewarding in all ways.

I spent the first day by strolling across the city, admiring the fantastic views that the Mississippi had to offer. I spent the latter part of the day visiting the small shops that adorn Cody Road, the main street. If you love collective ‘been there’ souvenirs, then these stores have some very nice things to offer. Having a delectable dinner in a very friendly, small restaurant added up to my holiday moments.

The Museum

The following day was all about time traveling in the Buffalo Bill Museum. It feels fantastic to see that a town as small as this has such a long history! Seeing national historic landmarks like Lone star, the tugboat, and memorabilia of Buffalo Bill Cody from his Wild West Show, you can’t possibly help getting creeps on your body. A museum is a fun place for kids, as well. It offers a unique treasure hunt activity for children. Those who complete all tasks get lovely gifts. The museum compound often hosts unique attractions like classic car shows.

Spirit Tasting

My final stop was the Mississippi River Distilling Company, which is Iowa’s first-ever micro-distillery. A somewhat brief, 15-minute trip fills you with the history of the establishment. The guide would also immaculately show the entire process of distilling spirits, right from the cleaning of the grains and bottling of the spirits. If you are over 21, then you can enjoy a sample tasting of the best quality spirits. Younger visitors can choose from the non-alcoholic options. 

On Your “To Do” List

If you are a golf aficionado, then you can visit Pebble Creek, an 18 holes golf course. Also, if you are a DIY enthusiast, then you can join the local artisans for some creativity, or purchase their creations directly. Plus, as a lover of history, you can shop from an extensive collection of antiques and repurposed pieces.

Where to go next

For better city amenities and some fun nightlife, you can drive south to Davenport and Bettendorf.

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