Santa Monica Pier
Located in California, Santa Monica really is the stuff that dreams are made of. The incredible weather, the incredible beaches, the laid back lifestyle, it’s hard to find something not to like. Amongst all of this is the iconic Santa Monica pier which sits proudly on the Pacific Coastline offering a variety of things to entertain the family with. Here are a few of my favourite things to do.

The Aquarium

Santa Monica Aquarium
Santa Monica Aquarium. Photo from Heal the Bay (
Santa Monica pier aquarium is right up there as somewhere to take the family for an hour or 2. With over 100 species from the Pacific Ocean in the aquarium you can see seahorses, experience touch tanks and see underneath the Santa Monica pier at what is lurking in the sands beneath. Take a look at their website over at

The Santa Monica Pier Carousel

Santa Monica Pier Carousel
Santa Monica Pier Carousel. Photo from
The Santa Monica pier carousel is an example of the classic attraction that is seen the world over! Located within the national landmark, the Hippodrome, the carousel dates right back to the 1920s and has existed on the pier since 1947. There are 48 animals on the carousel including 44 horses, 1 rabbit, 2 sleighs, and 1 goat so you will be spoilt for choice with what to ride!

Santa Monica Pier Route 66 – End of the Trail sign

Santa Monica Route 66 End of the Trail Sign
Santa Monica Route 66 End of the Trail Sign
The Santa Monica Pier marks the end of Route 66 and has been given a dedicated sign to reflect that – “Route 66 – End of the Trail”. As you would expect, the sign attracts a regular crowd for photo opportunities so if you are planning to head to the Route 66 sign be prepared to be a little patient and avoid photo-bombing someone else’s shot!

Santa Monica Pier Amusement Park

Santa Monica Amusement Park
Santa Monica Amusement Park
The Santa Monica pier amusement park contains arguably one of the most iconic sights of California – the ferris wheel. With the park offering typical fairground attractions including a rollercoaster, numerous smaller rides, food and drink stands and candyfloss the amusement park is not to be missed and has something for everyone!

Watch the fishermen

Santa Monica Pier Fishing
Santa Monica Pier Fishing
Santa Monica pier is a fantastic outpost for fishermen and so on your visit you are likely to see many of them down the far end pulling in a regular catch.

What else is there to do at the pier?

On the pier there are a number of restaurants that you can drop into for a bite to eat. You can also do a spot of shopping but this of the tourist variety – Santa Monica themed mugs, hats, t-shirts, bumper stickers and post-cards! What else is there to do at Santa Monica pier? Are there other attractions at the pier that I’ve left out? Leave you tips in the comments below!

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