Sicily, Italy’s stunning southern island is a paradise for all types of traveller. Whether you are looking for white sandy beaches with turquoise waters, adventure and active volcanoes, historical landmarks, beautiful nature or bustling cities and local street markets – Sicily has it all. You might have heard of the Island’s capital city Palermo, but if you’re looking for something a little more off the beaten track – which is definitely worth the trip – look no further than Cefalù.

Cefalù is on the northern coast of Sicily. A stunning coastal town overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea full of history, beauty and some of the most stunning beaches you’ll ever lay your eyes on. However, it is not only beaches and sea, but it also boasts an amazing historical centre with a normal cathedral decorated with breathtaking mosaics.

Cafalu Sicily

A great place to visit at any time of year, though a little out of the way Cefalù is still popular with many visitors and there are a great mix of options on where to stay while you visit. There are hotels and other traditional places to stay, or for those looking for a little more room websites such as WishSicily can help you find locally owned villas to rent during your holiday in Cefalù, this is definitely a great way to truly experience life as a local.

There is a plethora of things to do and see in Cefalù. The town is full of shops where you can pick up a great mix of goods depending on what you’re looking for. You can make your way through the town towards the water with plenty of restaurants, bars and shops all the way. Plus, if you time your stroll carefully you may be met with the best sunset you’ve ever seen as you look out over the sea. There is also the aforementioned ancient cathedral which is an impressive Norman structure.

Cefalu Sicily

If you’re more interested in Cefalù’s natural offerings there is “la rocca” which is a huge rock formation that towers over the beach. And of course the beautiful beach itself, which is sandy and boasts calm clear waters. Whether you are looking for a swim, snorkelling, a quick paddle or just a relaxing sunbathe on a lounger you can enjoy all of these activities on the beach at Cefalù.

Cefalu Sicily

Finally you can’t talk about a holiday to Italy without mentioning the food. Sicily is thought to have some of the best Italian cuisine on offer, and you can indulge in some incredible dishes on your trip to Cefalù. Freshly made streetfood can be found as you walk around the town, on stalls where you can pick up stuffed arancini (fried rice balls), incredible focaccia and seafood that is to die for. Or sit and have a traditional evening meal for very reasonable prices and paired with fresh local wine for an amazing end to your day.

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